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Friday, March 25, 2005

Crackers and Soup

So my day just got off to a nice start.
I arrived at the lovely HQ Global workplaces...my place of employment until April 12th or until a new wave of consciousness comes over our species and we all finally realize that being forced to spend our time doing menial tasks, in order to afford material goods that we use to distract ourselves from what is really important, just isn’t going to cut it anymore…whichever comes first!
Anyway, I arrived at HQ and Tracy was at the front desk helping a man who had apparently been stood up for his business appointment. Tracy called him a cab and went in the back to do her work. He and I started talking about New York…he had lived in Yonkers and Upstate. I mentioned to him that I went to Saratoga for a show last year and he said…
”Oh, you must have gone to SPAC…I saw Pink Floyd there in the 70’s”
I asked if it was a good show and he said, “It was the 70’s, I don’t remember.” We started talking about all kinds of music…he was into a lot of Blue Grass and Blues… he had some Phish in his bag (he said he had a good friend in the media who always sends him good music). He had seen Jazz Mandolin Project in a bar and he knew who Umphrey’s was because he lived in Indianapolis for a while. We talked for like 10 minutes and then he left. Funny how music can really get people talking! Well, back to work. I have to return to saving the world one person at a time with my reception skills :)