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Monday, March 14, 2005

"When it hits you feel no pain..."

As I move it catches me...the MUSIC...filling me up...my body moves in waves I never thought possible...My clothing, once used as a device of modesty, becomes more of an intricate prop in my dance of scarves.
In another time and situation I might look like...
A seizure victim
A Shaman preparing a ritual rain dance
A messenger of the Holy Spirit...
but for the moment...with sweat pouring down my body...I am music in motion. Everything I am hearing and seeing becomes me...one fluid entity...containing energy that started without me but is now suddenly pulsing through me with tremendous control.
Time isn't relevant
Pain does not exist
Laughter is inside...
and lift off is the closest thing to possible
So many other crazy dancing bodies for me to inter-weave with...in this world we have collectively created!