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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Three Cheers for Shit!!

What is it about cursing that is so wonderfully satisfying? Is it the inflection, which varies from mild annoyance to complete and utter fury? Is it the need to utter a word that makes people cringe? I sure as hell don’t know but I’m celebrating my right to curse today and in honor of the distortion of the human language, I'm introducing a fun website offering hours upon hours of entertainment.

Wanna learn how to say “Shut the Fuck Up” in Hebrew? (Tistom et a-pe!!!) Or maybe you want to tell that Italian baker where to stick his cannolli? (Ficcatelo in Culo!!! – Stick it in the ass!!!) All this and much more – including offensive jokes, an insulting slang dictionary and random insult generators – is available to you at my new favorite website, www.insultmonger.com.

Check it out – I’m sure you motherfuckers will enjoy it as much as I have.