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Monday, August 22, 2005


Hey all you Dimesional Shifters...WHAT'S GOING ON!
...I just finished my first official day of law school and it was much better than anticipated (of course, it was only the first day!). Things are going well here in the illustrious Ft. L...I am keeping busy with studying and even leaving the house sometimes :) I just returned from reading outside by the lake (what would The Lakes at Jacaranda be without one)...it is amazing how many ducks are around my complex...I have counted over twenty in varying sizes from full grown adult to teeny tiny baby ducks all just hanging out and exploring...it's great! I just hope I don't run any over with my car...that would be bad :(

In other news, My new t.v. just busted for no reason and now I am on the phone with Brandsmart trying to get someone to help me...I have now been on hold (for the second time) for about 15 minutes and am about to tell those Brandsmart fuckers to take their low low bargain prices and shove them up their ass. But I digress...

Tomorrow is another day of school...I have Torts and Criminal Law...both of which seem interesting to me thus far so we will see. I am meeting a lot of nice people in my classes and will hopefully find someone soon who shares my love of music and/or "the finer things in life", (Apparently, there are some kids around who share my same cravings because on the first day of orientation the dean got up and asked the whole incoming class who knew what "cannabis" was. I pretend to sneeze and avoid eye-contact in response;).

Well, that is all for now!
I hope all of you are doing well and I hope to keep in touch more often now that I am getting the hang of my computer!

Cracklin Rosey