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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Let There Be Green.

It's the alterna-fun blog!

I was glad to get feedback from the inital wave of viewers at All Thumbs, and hope that everyone will continue to go there and give me feedback. I'm really trying to do something with that space, and any comment is always more helpful then silence.

As for this space, go nuts! Post away. I hope that I can get everyone I know posting on this blog ("Get them in your movie, before they get you into theirs" as Ken Kesey said) and I think that, with the diverse group of people I know, this blog could really be something special.

And by special, I mean retarded. Of course.

Special grand jury prize for the first person to post a picture!

No other instructions. I leave the rest to your fertile imaginations...

--Your Humble Moderator