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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Back Lack Splatty Wack

I'm back...living in New Jersey (how fucked up is that?!) and kind of drunk. We moved to NJ this past weekend. I used to make fun of people that lived in NJ and now I have assimilated (I have no idea how to spell that and I don't care to know - there's a small chance I spelled it right though). Tonight we made use of the new train line we take to work that makes our commute more consistent and overall shorter than it was before. We went out in the city...center city. that's what they call Philadelphia. First we went to go to Oscars which is just a pub type place - much like many other bars/taverns/pubs here. We got there and saw Ben out on the street having a cigerette. He told us we were moving onto Washington Square which is where his boyfriend Patrick (no SpongeBob affiliation) works - he's a waiter. We stayed there for a while and drank - Patrick was still working...which I would think for him must have been odd because I would not be happy working and watching everyone I know drinking. Anyway...after several drinks we moved on to the Las Vegas Lounge which is this seedy looking place on 7th and Chestnut. Ben, Silylily and I went there and waited for Patrick. By this time, sily and Ben were high enough so they didn't get anything. I did, but half-way through Patrick showed up and they were tired so we all went home. So, down the block and back on the train it was. I drove home from the train station...seeming much less drunk then I feel now for some reason. Then to McDonald's. And now here. Good night to you but not for me.