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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

One More down!

Click on image for an enlarged pic.

This is Eric, a friend of mine here in New York. He asked me to draw a picture of him with a cock shooting out of his mouth. So, I said ok. Some are probably saying to themselves,"Why a cock shooting out of his mouth?"
Can you imagine anything else in the wild world of Gerald, I ask you?!
The answer is "NO!" And what else would he do? Smile? Not appropriate for one of my drawings. Now, he gave no other specifications for this drawing only that he not be "the victim" in any way - no penises going into him or anything like that. I agreed with that, too.

This was about 8 months ago. Now, it didn't take me that long to draw this. The great amount of time it took can be attributed to fear and lazyness. The fear part was that I have never really done this sort of thing before, and I am not very good at doing likenesses of people. Only very rarely have I successfully redered a portrait of someone(ask Joe). And the lazyness part is self explanitory. So, I waited and waited to see if I would feel more comfortable. A few months later I decided to begin. It's done now. I feel pretty good about it. And, I am glad I decided to go through with it.

I said I would post new images as they are completed, and here you are! One more down and many more to go!