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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Attention Monkeys.


Here we are again. Congratulations are in order for all who made it.
I just need a moment to tongue lash my keyboard, then I’ll be back along again, with nothing to say again. For now though, let us rejoice in the living and forget the dead, or the soon to be. It is not just another Tuesday, but the Tuesday. The one we have all been waiting for, at least since last Tuesday. The stars have aligned in a near perfect chaotic connect the dots. They should be ready for viewing at 7:15 pm, assuming someone remembers to preheat the sky, otherwise it might take longer.

And this day brings with it the prospect of Wednesday, to great for me to foretell.

Tuesday though, can still be embraced and enjoyed. Tasted and sent back.
As we head into the final hours of this historic Tuesday, March 22, 2005, take a moment to question the grand design and force your own perspective on the outcome.

Thank you and Good Morning.


P.S On occasion when I exhale, I taste my dead grandfather.