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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Flick him...Flickr

I'm not sure if anyone noticed or even cares, but over the last few weeks, I have been using Flickr sometimes to post my photos - especially Train Heads. I found this site a few weeks ago on this very blog. Ms. Cazh made a posting and it included a picture. I clicked on the picture and was taken to Flickr. At first, I thought it was Mescalito who made the posting and was giving him credit for the find - I later realized it was Ms. Cazh.

Anyway, I signed up for free and I think it's a pretty nifty site. I suggest anyone who is looking for free photo hosting give it a try. Not only can you host your pictures there, but you can also post them to the Blog directly. They also have a multitude of other ways to upload and post photos. For instance, I now am able to send Train Heads from the phone directly to their site into my pages. There is a way to have them upload automatically to the blog too, but I haven't been able to get that to work.

Being able to upload directly to the photo host has been a great time saver though. Previously, I sent them from the phone to a gmail address, then had to logon to get them, download them to my desktop, upload them to my picture host, copy the html, deal with bloggers crappy posting system and so on.

The other benefit is that now Train Heads are all in one place (well, not all). If you click on a Head, you will go to the Flickr site and that photo. Look at the middle right and you will see a tag called 'trainheads'. Click on that and you will get all the Train Heads on one page so you can browse them all! Heads from about 3 weeks ago and prior are not on Flickr yet, but I plan to go back and upload them - I just need a free day as it will be somewhat time consuming.

Anyway, I know a lot of you use Hello for your photo hosting, but I don't know if you are happy with it or not. If you're not, I suggest you check out Flickr.