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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Flower Show Pictures...I know everyone's been waiting!

Here are our pictures from the Philadelphia Flower Show. As you can see, a lot of interesting things can be done with flowers. The judges comment on this one was 'Ingenius and Uplifting'.

You will also find a picture of gates from the White House. Actually just one and in it, the gate is not the focal point of the picture. Why? I thought the piece from the White House also included the stone pillars the gates are attached to, so I made those the focal point of the pictures instead. Pretty dumb.

From the Flower Show website...

These iron gates were ordered by President Monroe and installed around 1820. Every president, from Monroe through Franklin D. Roosevelt, passed through these gates following their inaugurations.

The gates were removed in 1934 and somehow ended up at the American Horticultural Society in Alexandria, VA. Restorers carefully removed rust and corrosion from the elegant ironwork gates in preparation for their debut at the Flower Show.