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Monday, March 14, 2005


OK, Bloggers commenting system is driving me insane. Insane I tell you! I really can't take it anymore. This past weekend I checked out HoloScan. They've basically written a bunch of code that replaces bloggers commenting code. The link on the blog looks the same and plus they have trackbacks. It's a great little system that unlike bloggers actually works pretty well. MCG had suggested it about a week or so ago and in fact he is currently using it. If you go to his blog, you can see it in action. It's simple, quick and nice.

From what I understand, Blogger still stores your comments so if you ever have problems, you can just stick their code back on and everythings all good (bad) again. I had it up and running on the blog the other day and it was working great. It was not up for very long because I quickly found out that no old comments are imported. They all go back to 0 as if no one ever cared. I know they cared and that is what bothers me. So, I removed the HaloScan code and reverted back to Blogger.

I don't know what to do now. I don't want to lose our history of comments, although I am rational and know we've only been up and running a short time and there are many many many more comments to come. But, I really don't want to lose the old comments. Knowing though that we have so much trouble with Bloggers commenting system and knowing there is good (free) alternative for us, I don't know what to do. I really don't want to lose the old comments, but I know that we are keeping people away with the crap we have now.

What does everyone think? Should we hold out and have faith blogger will soon fix their problems? I wrote them. They have not written back yet. I am pretty confident I will get a response though...it just takes longer because they actually do read the e-mails and respond. I know though that we're probably going to have this problem with any commenting alternative we come across.

Please comment with your thoughts...if you can!