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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Shows over kids.

I took the plunge today, and I no longer am a productive member of society.
That’s right, I quit my job.

My boss was having one of his many temper tantrums…at which point he began yelling at me (I was seated on the floor in his office, where I was counting envelopes). I told him to calm down, not to yell, all that crap. He kept insisting that I fucked up something with his inventory, finally we just parted ways.

That’s not what’s important though. I should have quit long ago, there was evil at play at that place. I fear that when I next hear about that job, it will involve something tragic.

My day has been a series of bad events. Hopefully it will turn around soon.
More from the desk of Mescalito on the way, until then enjoy some umphrey’s.


I had/have always tried to do the right thing, but in the end my result was just a little bit off center from the most. Though the same was offered to everybody else, I mean, what could you blame me for for? Truth is, I was just being representative of myself. So if I always manage to show up just a little late, in the end no matter how hard I tried I never seem to make my ride on time. It's all to hard it seems ya know, maybe just a little too much. But in the end, I really must confess that I have yet to ever offer my best.

Well I made my challenge ya know, if it's your stereotype. There's a little more that I could mention, it's got something to do with my best intentions. And I've always done everything that's been asked of me. Never questioned if it was right. I was simply going along with some kind of preset (fucked up) life. Until I met my challenge, I think you lableded me, ya know. I never thought about the implications of all your words unto my dedications. So this Slacker fumbles through another day, but the way you measure things all depends on whether or not you're working for another man's ends.
-words and music by Umphrey's Mcgee

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