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Saturday, June 18, 2005

How much Spirit does you state or county have?

I discovered last night that NJ or at least our county's liquor laws suck. We got to the liquor store at 10pm and it was closed! Closed I tell you. Why do they deprive us of alcohol? Damn Christians. Free country - yeah, right.

In PA, they have laws that say all liquor must be sold via state run liquor stores - beer, wine and spirits. Want a 6 pack of beer...not going to happen. They only sell cases of 24. They claim that having the state control it all keeps the prices lower (ha!), but studies I've seen news reports on TV that say otherwise. Many people that live in PA and are close to other states end up going to Delaware or NJ to sustain their vices. When we were living in PA, I didn't care who was selling me the alcohol and didn't see too much of a price difference, but the pain was that stores closed at 10pm and you couldn't get a 6 pack. Since Delaware has no sales tax (their slogan is 'Home of Tax Free Shopping'), we were there enough that we would usually stock up when there for other shopping.

In NY, we could buy beer 24 hours a day and at convenient stores or grocery stores. 'Hard' liquor was sold in liquor stores, which if I remember could stay open until around 11pm. That was on Long Island...I don't know about NYC.

That's just liquor sales for private consumption - as for bar closing times, in NY, I've been in bars at 5am with the alcohal still flowing - though I think the normal cutoff is 4am. In Philadelphia, last call comes at 2am.

What are the liquor laws like by you?

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