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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Old Skool Magic, spirit totem, shit.

Please welcome the Visionaries! These were the guys who wore holograms on their chests, and carried around these big staffs with holographic images on them too. Don't remember what they were for. I think for summoning some sort of spirit animal or something.

Ah! Here's an explanation I found on 80's cartoon central:

"It is a time when magic is more powerful than science and only those who control the magic control destiny. They are the Visionaries."

During the stalemate the wizard Merklynn offers a challenge to the two nations offering to teach magic any who survive the journey up his mountain. Only fourteen survived the journey and are rewarded with animal totems which are based off the traits they showed during their quest. Those who carried a staff were granted further power. Each staff was granted a unique ability: Wisdom, Strength, Speed, Knowledge, Decay, Fear, Destruction, and Invulnerability. Those who didn't carry a staff were able infuse magical powers into vehicles and pilot them. The surviors split into two groups: the Spectral Knights led by Leoric and the Darkling Lords led by Darkstorm. And the battle for the world began anew.