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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Could it happen again?

Times Square, blackout 2003. Click the pic to see more blackout pics from 2003.

New Yorkers broke the record for total electricity used, yesterday. We ended up using 12,361 megawatt hours - topping the previous mark of 12,207 megawatts set August 9, 2001.

That's: 298170940387679700000 Atomic mass units, 42205708555.49589 Btu (thermal), 10628546861564.912 Calories, and 44499599999999.96 Joules.

We also seem to have had a few outages last night, and we're not even into the hottest month yet: August. Which brings to mind the blackout we had two years back(I think it was two years ago). Dare I say that we may just have a repeat this year? I do! So, watch the news closely. You may hear that NY and the upper north-east of the country blew a fuse, again.