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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Yes, it is what you think. That little girl is touching a giant penis. No, this is not to be found at the Michael Jackson house. What this pic is from, though, is a festival in Japan, celebrating weiners. Gotta love them wacky Japs! What is written below belongs with the pic above.

When asked what this festival means to her, Chiaki Shinko here says that all the penises remind her of her late husband, Isei Nakayama.

"Now", she says, "I bring daughter here every year, so celebrate penis she will one day have. YOU BREAK YOU BUY, little daughter!".

Yes, you break you buy indeed, Chiaki Shinko.

Hey PP, got any of those young Japanese girlies worshipping your cock, yet?
Wish you luck on that.