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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sharpie as a knife

Do you think the president signed the transportation bill in Sharpie? I wonder. I've seen a few documents signed by our Pres. and each time they were signed with an extra fat Sharpie. No lie!

One such document was a letter he sent to the commissioner of baseball after the strike situation was avoided a few years back. Pearl was working for the commissioner and had a chance to read the letter, so she copied it for me(only now I can't seem to find the damn letter. You're thinking,"yeah right"). It was totally written in sharpie - mistakes and all! What a guy. The other was some mounted document-thingy on a library wall of President's signatures. So, when I heard he had signed yet another bill I wondered - Sharpie?

Maybe he has since graduated to the extra fat pencils like we used in kindergarten.