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Thursday, September 29, 2005


These quotes come from an article about Jimmy Carter's annual town hall meeting. The first part about the womans breast isn't too bad. What the hell is the part about the girl taking a leak and Carter taking pictures?!

Carter shared two experiences that he said have been most memorable from througout all his travels and volunteer work.

He said he will never forget the image of a young woman holding her right breast, so swollen with the attempted exit of a guinea worm that it “looked like she was holding a baby in her arms.”

The second image Carter recalled was of a young Ethiopian girl’s eagerness to demonstrate that she, like her brother, could use the small latrine their father had made for them.

“She spread her skirt out very carefully and she squatted down to relieve herself.” Carter said.

Carter added jokingly, “We took some pictures of it.”