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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Make me

More crazy stuff is going on in politics. Just the other day some crazy Senators put forth a proposal for the collection of DNA from anyone who is arrested. Don't matter if you are proven innocent or guilty. Your DNA is going to be filed away with other criminals.

It goes beyond current law, which allows federal authorities to collect and record samples of DNA only from those convicted of crimes.

"DNA is not like fingerprinting," said Jesselyn McCurdy, a legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. "It contains genetic information and information about diseases." She added that the ACLU questions whether it is constitutional to put data from those who have not been convicted into a database of convicted criminals.

As the list of "sacrifices" gets longer, we take one more step towards a totalitarian regime. Well, they can take it all away, but they'll never make me stop painting huge pictures of bloody dead things and vaginas.