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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Anybody? Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture? Anybody?

First of all, here's a snip of a paragraph in an email to the people who set up this network and phonebank for the Hurricane Wilma coverage.

Congratulations for making convergence a work of art that provided value and viewer/reader/user benefit; for making sure through the Phone Bank that our effort to be a compassionate, helpful voice/ear at the other end of the phone was actually enhanced over last years work; and that our Storm Team, anchors, reporters and on-air content were second to none. It was yet another opportunity to live the brand: On Your Side.

Yours truly, Doctor Bong, was the one who set this up, and I'm pretty sure there were enough cords and cables attached to things when I left there. Yet, for some reason, while watching the program, I noticed something missing. So I snapped a picture of it with the 'ol trusty camera phone.

Uhm, ma'am?...that is NOT a cordless phone! So, where is yours? And who are you talking to?

Doctor Bong