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Friday, October 14, 2005

Broadcast quality video in your favorite magazine

Remember when those annoying cards came out - the ones that when you opened them up they either said something obnoxious or began singing? Well, now it looks as if we'll have video with that annoying song pretty soon.

Siemens just revealed a new technology they've developed- a paper thin TV screen that will soon find it's way into your favorite magazines and products. It's very inexpensive and the quality's not so bad. Does raise issues, though.

I am personally sick of video everywhere I look - TV this, and TV that. FUCK THE TV!!!! I am sick of moving ads. But, it seems as if now they'll be even more prevalent. Oh, the curses of modern technology. Fuck it all. Just read an click below for the full scoop on our shithole future.

"We think that at the moment the screens will appear first in more expensive magazines in the form of high-impact adverts. But as the price sinks we expect them to appear in papers as well, possibly as a really attention-grabbing front page.

"The images are in colour, and can broadcast anything that can be shown on a regular flat screen monitor or TV, although with a slightly lower quality. These could be short film clips or flash animations like those found on the internet.