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Thursday, December 29, 2005

No New Years Day...

It’s so close I can taste it.
My favorite of favorite holidays, New Years Eve.

My love of this grand holiday has come from the wonderful times I have
Spent on this special of special days. Of course there was Phish at Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation…

The largest concert of the millennium, and one that would be talked about by music fans for years to come (Going on six now). I must also mention the crazy
2003 phish new years run, spanning four impressive days (12/28 – 12/31) and managing to withdraw from my psyche every emotion possible.

Now again, as 2005 draws to a close, live music is on the agenda. Living in Florida can have advantages and disadvantages. After a weak 2004, NYE 2005 offered up many options. For those staying in town, 12/30 offers up the double shot of The Duo with The one and Only Senor Mike Gordon! Holy shit…I couldn’t believe it myself. When this show lets out, take a stroll down to the Bank, and see what’s new with New Monsoon. New Monsoon will also hold NYE festivities at the Bank. Or, if you want a car ride, the Duo with Senor Gordon will mosey on down to Miami to bring in the New Year.

Looking to drive? Might I recommend Perpetual Groove in Athens? These guys are HOT right now, and I can’t wait to see them again. In fact, there is some possibility they might woo me for next year if they keep up the quality. Also, a little longer drive…Moe. In Ashville should be a cool time.

Now to the meat…

The throw down…the place to be…

Chicago…Umphrey’s Mcgee…two nights!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite progressive hard rock emo jam band is dishing out servings of New Years pie at the Aragon Ballroom in chi-town. In attendance will be…
Me!!!! LPG!!! Cracklin’ Rosie!!! And who could forget our friend from the comments section…Phreak!!!!

I’m excited as can be. I feel a little like Ed Grimly meeting Pat Sayjak! Wow this is exciting.

Hopefully we can make a post to the blog while in Chicago, though the hotel we are staying in did not have Internet a few months ago, they were renovating…I think…one great thing about this past year…I’ve had the chance to stay in many hotels in cities across this fine nation. I hope to say the same in 2006!

Happy New Years Bitches!