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Sunday, December 17, 2006

old school christmas

This is a great video featuring bloopers from Emmet Otter. How wonderful.

And let me mention, that there is a scene that has been cut out of the dvd that sell of this movie. In the original version Emmet's mom tells the lady who she delivers laundry to that she hopes she "falls off the dock"...but sadly in the released DVD version (At least the one I have) this line has been removed.

Fucking censorship.


Here's what I found over at IMDB...

Alternate Versions for
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas (1977) (TV)

* The first two video releases, from 1982 and 1996, both did not include the scene with a group of bunnies dancing at the talent show. Both of these video releases also had a shortened version of "There ain't no hole in the washtub".

* The new Disney/HIT DVD has removed all instances of Kermit the Frog due to rights issues, however they also included (in the extras section) all of the footage (listed in an above post) that appear in the original version only on HBO. The previous dvd version (Sony) keeps the kermit footage but does not contain any of the HBO footage, or really any other extras for that matter

* The HBO version still has one difference that does not appear on the new Disney/HIT dvd, or any other video release. After the scene in the very beginning When Emmet and his mother sing "Hole in the Washtub", the picture fades out and we see an over head shot that zooms onto Emmet's house and he comes out of the back door (music plays in the background for this whole scene). The HBO version of this scene is exactly the same except we have some added narration (that plays on top of the music) from Kermit the Frog. The narration is as follows:
o "One morning Frog Town Hollow awoke to discover winter had arrived. With ice on the river and snow on the fields, Emmet did his chores not knowing it would be a very special day".
o The narration ends right before Emmet appears out of his back door.

* The DVD release has some footage removed from the original print of the movie such as...
o When talking to Gretchen Fox, Ma Otter tells her "I would really appreciate it if you'd...fall off the dock." This part is edited out.
o When Ma and Emmett are rowing home in the boat some dialogue is cut before the "ain't no hole in the washtub" song. Ma says, "Oh there ain't no hole in the washtub, that's your basic keeping warm while you're rowing home song." Emmett says. "I'm rowing, where's the singing?" This part is completely removed.
o Originally, after the hedgehog finishes mangling "Barbecue", Harrison Fox says to the stage manager, "Better get ready. We're off to a shaky start." (I don't remember the exact line, but that's close.) Then it fades to black, fading up on Fox finding the jug band in the alley (suggesting a passage of time).
o Second, the DVD version cuts Kermit's final narration in Doc Bullfrog's restaurant.
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas
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Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas was a children's story by Russell Hoban first published in 1969. It was later made into a TV Christmas special by Jim Henson.

The story tells about Emmet Otter and his mother, who both want to buy the other something special for Christmas. Emmet, with the help of his friends, comes up with the idea of putting together a jug band and entering the local talent contest, which has a prize of $50. To do this, though, he has to punch a hole in the bottom of his mother's metal washtub.

Also entering in the talent show is the Riverbottom Gang, who have put together a rock group. There are some run-ins between everyone leading up to the big event.

In the end, Emmet, his friends, and his mother learn that you don't need fancy presents for Christmas, as long as you have each other.

The original special was produced for HBO in 1977. It ran on that station yearly until 1979. In 1980, a heavily edited version began airing on ABC. This new version featured shortening of some songs and scenes, and the addition of a voice-over by Kermit the Frog. This ABC-edited version also began being aired on HBO in 1981. Because the later edit aired on ABC and HBO through the 80s, it is the more-widely known version of the special.

In 1981, Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas was nominated for 4 Emmy awards:

1. Outstanding Children's Program, David Lazer (executive producer) and Jim Henson (producer) 2. Outstanding Individual Achievement - Children's Programming, Calista Hendrickson (costume designer) and Sherry Ammott (costume designer) 3. Outstanding Individual Achievement - Children's Programming, Paul Williams (composer/lyricist) for the song "When The River Meets the Sea". 4. Outstanding Individual Achievement - Children's Programming, Tom Wright (lighting)