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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Star Trek (the original series) airing with all new special effects

Video from the Enhanced version of Star Trek

This evening, I stumbled upon a suspicious re-airing of the Original Star Trek TV Series - the 40 year old one with overly dramatic acting and bad special effects - on network TV. Only now, the space scenes have all been redone with CGI. This is something I noticed... or rather, suspected upon watching it this evening. So, shortly after watching it, I searched the Internet for confirmation of my suspicions. And here's what I found:

Details are still being finalised, but according to sources, the bulk of shows will be as originally shot, with the new effects limited to the space sequences and the opening credits. In addition, TrekMovie.com has learned that some of the music is being redone (presumably for the opening title sequence). There are conflicting reports on exactly how many episodes are getting the ‘enhanced treatment’, but is possible that it is not all 79 original episodes.

-The Trek Movie Report

The one question I have is why. While I think it's nifty that they have updated the space scenes, the appeal of this show is in it's cheesy low budget look. Bad special effects are part of the charm of this series. But, according to TrekMovie.com, it was apparently done in an attempt to sell the series to networks.

Over a month ago it was announced that CBS was selling a new broadcast TV (not cable) syndication package for the original series. At the time it seemed a bit odd to try selling a 40 year old show to local TV stations, especially after it has just been sold to yet another cable outlet (this time TV Land…home of retro TV). The Trek Movie Report has now learned from trusted insiders, that CBS Paramount are actually offering an HDTV enhanced version of the Original Series with new state-of-the art CGI visual effects.

-The Trek Movie Report