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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Belushi busting a zit

I just want to apologize for the obnoxious shit I have put everyone through here toh=night,. I am still drunk, but am recovering. Before, I thought I might puke all over myself and the computer. Now, I feel as though I might make it to bed with out such an ordeal. As you can see, I am making much less errors. This is because of you guys! it is your inspiration that has kept me up late to allow me to pass through this drunken phase to a more sober one. I thank you. And I want to say that I am an asshole!!!!! Yes, it is true... atleast when I am a drunk, that is! I guess that is true for all of us( remember, ME = Asshole!). We are just monkeys. That's all. Sorry to let you down, GOD.