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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The End of a Good Run.

Gravity Boy has been returned to earth, as I have removed his moderator status. I must admit a tinge of guilt as Gravity Boy proved himself to be a wonderful moderator, making only beneficial changes to the Blog, and making it an all around better place to post. Kudos to Gravity Boy! You have done well. Cheerio!

I am currently cooking up another contest for moderator access. I want to leave the Blog alone this and let the Gravity Boy changes sink in. Then next week, new contest ... with a twist! Last week's winner will come up with next week's contest. Gravity Boy, feel no pressure. You have until Monday to think of something. E-mail me when you come up with something good.

Sarasota is lovely. Mark has 2 pictures publicity stills tacked to a bulletin board over his desk. They are pictures of Wilco and The Village People. Go figure.