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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Joe is Awesomely Anal!

So, I made my last post today at about 1pm. I went out to grab lunch, came back and while I ate, I pulled the blog back up. Admiring my work, I noticed the time it says I posted is like 3 minutes ago. This is wrong as I posted it like 30 minutes ago. I look at the post more and notice the words in some of the articles are sqooshed where before they were not. I know they were not because I spent 15 minutes resizing all the pictures so the words were legible - so you could see they were not estimating. What happened? Well...I've noticed that anytime the words go way off to the right and cover up some of the post titles/archives/contributors, Joe will immediately fix that. He just can't wait until the post moves down the line and no longer does that - he has to alter the post at his first glance. I could be missing some behind the scenes problem that only the administrator sees, but as far as I can tell, the post was doing no harm. Also, I am assuming it is Joe doing this because he is the administrator. I am sorry if it is not. If it is though, I think it is wrong for changes to be made to others posts. You are censoring my freedom of speech and expression. Additionally, anyone viewing my post will think I was lazy and could not take the time to post it properly, which is far from true in this case.

UPDATE: Via comments, I've been assured it is not Joe doing this. Google (the bot behind the blogger curtain) must have some automated thing that reformats the posts in those cases. Sorry to Joe but he was an obvious suspect given his administrative duties.