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Monday, December 27, 2004

Tsunami Kills more than 22,000

The walls of water that ended up killing all of those poor souls DID NOT result from the earthquake mentioned on this blog earlier this weekend by The Domina(sorry, maybe next time). I must have been sleeping still when I said that there was a direct connection. But, infact it resulted from another big ass quake - a 9.0. Well, just read this excerpt from the Associated Press:

'The count of the dead rose sharply a day after the magnitude 9 quake struck beneath the Indian Ocean off the coast of Indonesia — the most powerful earthquake in the world in four decades. Government and aid officials suggested the toll could jump even further, citing unconfirmed reports of thousands more deaths on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and on India's Andaman and Nicobar islands, areas closest to the quake's epicenter.

Walls of water sped away from the epicenter at more than 500 mph before crashing into the region's shorelines, sweeping people and fishing villages out to sea. Millions were displaced from their homes and thousands remained missing Monday.'

When I saw the headline, I couldn't believe it. I first noticed the story while on the subway this morning going to work. As I usually do, I was glancing over and reading other people's new papers. Certainly one heck of a surprise on such a mellow day. Well, I send my blessings to those people and I am sure everyone else here does, too.