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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Posting problems

I have been using this program called 'w.bloggar' to post my posts for about a week now. I like the program itself but I've had problems seeing my postings. I will hit post from within the program and I get a message back saying it was successful. When I go to the blog though, my posts are not there. What's up with that. They eventually appear - hours and in one case a day or so later. Also, although not visible on the blog itself, if I go into the edit post area, they are listed immediately and I can edit or delete them. Strange stuff. Does anyone else use this program and have any idea what I'm doing wrong? If you don't use this, what do you use?

Maybe Gravity Boy can lend some advice....If not, then I'm sure his bizarro self, anti-gravity boy, will be able to help.