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Monday, January 10, 2005

At Midnight

My parents have been married for thirty years (1/11/05). I find this to be a pretty impressive achievement, and I base this upon a few things. I have been married, and there is something strange that occurs there. Some sort of ... Permanence ...each day...every day. Now to be honest, that doesn’t bother me, the permanence, especially now that my girlfriend is wonderful. Marriage though, is something else though, some beast that lives and breathes and somehow invades all of our lives. Back to my parents and thirty years. It is hardest to comprehend any number larger than your age. I firmly believe that. Being that I am 27, there are very few numbers that I am in control of, thirty is not one of them (looking at you black domina). It almost seems impossible to me that people can still be married for that long. For my parents though, it only makes sense. Of course, that is the way that it is for everyone, no matter what your situation, it only makes sense. My parents are wonderful people though, as are the rest of my family members. I suppose not every family is like mine, where everyone gets along so well. I used to be ashamed of this when I was younger. Seriously, it seemed everyone else's parent's were divorced --and I went to a catholic school-- except for mine. Sometimes I thought my family was dysfunctional for how functional we were. Now I know that we all had our faults, but it is amazing how functional we still really are, who knows, it could implode momentarily I suppose, but that is the old Jew in me.

simple moments
that come and go.
Going much more often,
though when they come...
oh when they come.

Happy anniversary mom and dad. (not that they read this, nor should they ever, unless they want, then go for it, but, do they even know about it? Seems unlikely, thought I have always wondered about domina and my mom...)
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