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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Something for everyone

Today I bring you some interesting and odd websites. The first is ASCIIbabes.com. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Babes are babes. This site combines the two.


Next, for those of you who truly have nothing to do and are looking to make a real difference, you can become a "sign shark". A sign shark is anyone who is concerned enough to remove street spam. The term originated from taking a "bite" out of the sign, or cutting out the contact information.

Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam is an informal group of citizens from around the country who want to improve their communities by reducing or eliminating street spam. You may consider yourself part of CAUSS if you support this goal. There is no membership and no dues to pay.

The FAQ warns you to be careful out there. It provides useful tips on how to deal with a sign spammer should you encounter one. Tips include taking pictures of the spammer or their vehicle/licence plate number and contacting Code Enforcement and reporting the incident.


For all you llama lovers out there, have I got a site for you - the llama song. Any description I could give of this site would not do it justice. Just click on Play when it appears, sit back and enjoy.


The other day, I was wondering - what if I were soluble - what would I do. How would I be able to get along in the world. Well, luckily I found this site that addresses the issue and puts my mind to rest. It really makes me appreciate the fact that I am not soluble.


I love staplers! I mean who doesn't? They are way better than paper clips. I try to bring a stapler with me no matter where I go, but sometimes it's just not possible, even as portable as you think a stapler might be. I no longer need to worry though since now, no matter where I am in the world I will always be able to access the Virtual Stapler! When I first visited this site to take care of my stapling fix, I was disappointed because I didn't think you could really go all the way with it. I'd roll over the stapler and it would go down - but not all the way. Then, I clicked on it and a whole new world was opened. You can drive that thing all the way down so it's nice and secure. It would be nice though if they gave you something to staple.


I'm pretty lazy. I should exercise more....more? Let me rephrase...I should exercise. Well, I might have found a great new sport that might be just for me. Extreme Ironing!!! That's right...regular ironing just doesn't press it hard enough, so these guys take it to the extreme. Who knew you could iron underwater, or in Times Square, or even between the cracks of two large rocks. You can!!!