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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


"We've pushed things further in every way possible. We're very proud of this album", frontman Chad Kroeger says of the release. "Fans of real rock music are in for a surprise."

As if we didn't already know this was happening in the music industry, here is more evidence that they are just pumping out rehash after rehash. I was listening to NPR today at work when an interesting story about this kid named Mikey Smith from Canada came on. What is so special about Mikey? Well, he put together this mp3, listed at the bottom of this post, which is of a "new release" by the great band Nickelback overlaid with their older "hit" How you remind me... So, basically, you hear them both playing at the same time. And you know what? It is the same song... well not exactly. But, the two are so similar that when played on top of one another, they compliment each other. Really amazing. The guy - Mikey - just made this mp3 to show his friends what hacks Nickelback are. And, I love him for it. Thank you, Mikey!

All Things considered(NPR)

Nintendorks-where I found the mp3 listed below.

Nickelback - How you remind me of Someday mp3