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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Phish drummer gets all dressed up

By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan, Globe Staff | December 30, 2004

A SIGHT FOR SORE EARS In the annals of weird, Jon Fishman's ''sonic rhythm dress" ranks right up there. The garment, which goes on display at Brockton's Fuller Craft Museum next month, is stitched together from recycled cassette tapes, including sound collages of some of the Phish drummer's favorite artists: The bodice, we're told, is equal parts Jimi Hendrix, Sun Ra, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Marley, Joseph Campbell, and Terence McKenna. Commissioned by the Vermont rocker, the dress was actually made by New York artist Alyce Santoro, and played for the first time at a Phish show in Las Vegas last April. Played, you say? Yes, the fabric retains its magnetism and emits a sound when rubbed with a tape head. The dress is one of several wearable recyclables that'll be on exhibit as part of the museum's ''Trashformations East" show.