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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Terrorists beware!

First pictures of the magnetometer!

Security on New years eve in NYC is said to be the tightest ever this year. With rooftop snipers, undercover officers in the crowd, and the Hercules special police unit watching over us with their big guns and helicopters, we can all feel very safe and secure and get really fucked up! In addition, air space restrictions are in effect, and anyone who heads to the celebration will be screened by magnetometers. What is a magnetometer? I have no fucking idea. But, it sounds like fake 'star trek' technology. You think they'll have a Tricorder and a Phaser type 3 on hand as they are putting Collars of Obedience on the people entering the festivities?
I hear that anyone who gets out of hand will be put behind a neutrino field and detained in an old and filthy bus depot.