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Thursday, February 17, 2005


After long and careful consideration I have decided to make a permanent change to the way the blog is operated. In the past, I have run contests (real, imaginary, and secret) to give away moderator access as a way to keep the blog fresh. Unfortunately, due to my recent long absence from posting, I have not kept up with this responsibility.

In the meantime, other folks on this blog (I'm not naming names, you know who you are) basically kept this thing up and running. Hell, you guys went well beyond that utilitarian classification. Not only did the blog continue to receive fresh content every day, but you guys innovated. You grew as blog artists (Blogtists?). I am proud.

In this moment of utmost pride, I declare Dimensional Shift (DS) to be 'shifting' its form of a government to the newly minted Blog Republic. Taking some cues from the American form of government, I have decided to give everyone a vote on important blog issues. Once every four years, there will be a vote. The next one is scheduled for 2008. Make sure you are registered by the 4th Sunday after the full moon of July 2008. Otherwise, you will not be eligible.

As an added safeguard to the health of the new Blogpublic, I will be appointing three (3) people to join me on the new "Board of Governors" (BoG). All Board members will be granted immediate moderator access. I would only ask that everyone continue to work together to ensure that all structural/technical changes mesh well. Also, any name change will require a unanimous vote of the Board. I'm sure there will be no problem in these areas.

The new Board of Directors of the Dimensional Shift Blogpublic (DSB) is as follows:

Joe - The Blog's namesake.
Gravity Boy - Cheerio's!
Black Domina - Train heads has put you over the top.
Mr. Mescalito - The consigliore of the Arts on DSB.

Work hard, boys! Treat the constituency well. Remember, elections are right around the corner.