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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bush Blows Hot Air Up Our Asses!

Tonight - just a moment ago - the President finished up crapping on the American people with words of beauty like "freedom" and "liberty". From his agenda on Social Security reform to the American policy on Iran - going so far as saying something like we will not accept anything less than Iran stopping all nuclear activities and that we stand by the people of Iran and their desires to be free... something like that - he laid out his "vision" for the next four years. But most notably, his foriegn policy stood out strong. At least to me.

Basically, He restated his big bully platform he has mentioned in the past where unless we get what we want from Iran, there will be hell to pay. I remember the run up to the war in Iraq, and this follows that pattern. We are going to do something to Iran and soon - in the next 2 years. Why the next two? Well, as you may know a presidents last 2 years of his second term are usually plagued by a power vacuum as the focus on the election of the next president takes hold. Thus, the "lame duck" status. So, if he is going to do anything, it'll be very soon. Which is why he is hammering so hard on all of his "key" issues.

The social security "reform" is a joke. I just don't see what kind of benefit this new system will give us - being that the more moving parts something has, the more there is to go wrong. I also think it is silly to just scrap a system that works fine and can continue to work fine with a few tweeks. And, there is a risk to this private accounts thing, not to mention the great sillyness and complicated nature this whole thing would bring about. The cost of operating the whole thing, I would imagine, would rise simply because there would be a whole new set of problems to deal with and coordinate(more to manage) - you'll have some with private accounts and some without(still on social security). I mean, how is the whole system supposed to operate? What's it's cost? And what about the shortfall that would happen when people start to divert money to their private accounts that originally went to Social Security? Sounds like a big mess to me. Makes my head spin.

Anyway, I've had enough. I am going to bed. And, when I wake up tomorrow, I hope it was all just a bad dream.