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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Eco minded right?

You will need Real player to listen to the linked radio broadcast below:religious right/Evengelicals

I heard just the other day about the religious right/Evengelicals coming around and going green. Meaning, they want to begin to make taking care of the environment a priority in their daily lives - taking conservation to the community level, to their followers. Interesting to say the least. I thought, when I heard this, that this can't be. It runs so counter to the political platform they are supporting. Or is it? One thing that really got me thinking was when the represenative on the radio said that they will not be teaming up with the traditional leaders of this cause, but rather going it alone, promoting an agenda they and their constituents can agree on. Now, if any of you know anything about the Bush administration, you know that he does have a policy on the environment, just not one that many traditional minded conservationists think is smart and one which they and I believe is geared to simply putting a pretty face on the problem, and making it seem like progress is being made.

Now, ever since that day this past week when I heard this radio broadcast, I've been thinking. And, you know what? It's pretty obvious that this is the fucking ideological platform they will be pushing for - stuff like the healthy forest's initiative(basically a loop hole for the lumber industry to make some extra cash, opening up the national parks to them to clear dead wood and fallen trees, etc).
So, we can expect a more than robust push by the right to now claim the environment as their issue and further undermine the democratic stance on the issue.
Fuck science! God has the answers! And God is GWB!