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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I love you, FCC

I bet the entertainment industry as a whole is loving what is going on right now. They love the fact things have become bad. It's like someone hit a big reset button for them. Things are shocking again or at least can be more easily spun as shocking - whatever 'shocking' is. Personally, there is not much at all that I find shocking anymore. But, it does seem for the general populous there are many things that are still shocking - much of which is sexual or violent and gory. Without any risk of FCC fines many of these things loose their shock value, becoming normal and routine and for the most part uninteresting.

It's a big thing to risk though. What happens on that day in the future when one of these networks or radio station grows some balls and decides to push it to the Supreme Court and loses? Will it have been worth the risk? Or, are they so sure they won't loose that they are willing to give in a little to tighter controls (or threats of fines) as they know it will work to their benefit for a while and will allow them to rest their 'creative' minds.