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Monday, February 21, 2005

The Great Fall

all of the information
that was inside of me
suddenly and unexpectedly
came back out.

it all happened
in a single moment,
a flash,
a micro-flash even.

And then
it hit the pavement
with a splat that sounded like it looks
but only worse
if you can imagine that...

Stark Naked Reality!

It was all there,
on the ground,
Names, dates, states, capitals...
scattered like scrabble tiles
lost under the couch

And somehow yet
I still retained about me,
a certain sense ...
that lead me to frown.

At first there was only static white noise computer hard drives spinning fast,
and it was all I could to do to block that noise from my mind and retain a single thought.

And that thought was
that I thought that I thought that I was
for I was what I thought.

And Again.

Spin cycle over.

When is it over?
Ever changing forever?
And Ever.

Like the final line that just keeps
and coming.