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Saturday, February 26, 2005

A new idea... And a Snow Story

I have just decided to e-mail the person who wins the next Name that Game Contest a rom of my choosing - from my vast collection. If you don't have an emulator, I can point you in the right direction. Anyway, That's it for the new idea. What do you think?

On another note:
Two nights ago I got sprayed with snow, salt, road grime, and who knows what else, when a fuckin' snow plow drove by me with his plow pointed in my direction. I had no where to go - I was walking over the Pulaski bridge heading into LIC(where the other Joe Bardi lives). I was going to my studio. Well, here's the story in full:

Walking along the walk way(it was snowing and cold), I noticed the B61 passing by. I thought,"I wish I would have caught that bus, then it would only take a few minutes to get to my studio". Then, it happened. I turned, saw the plow - took a couple of seconds to process the situation and realized there was no way out, and BAM! I got hit with road slush. And it got in my mouth, too! I spit it out and cursed the fucking driver and quickly turned around and yelled furiously while raising my hands in the air shooting the bird on both hands. I stopped, then looked at myself and decided he must pay. Noticing that he had stopped a ways down at the end of the bridge I proceeded to run towards him all the while yelling,"I am going to kill you! Dog Fucking, cock suckin', ass lovin', shit face!!!!!!!"

Well, as I got within a few feet of the truck he began to move. The truck was soon out of my range and I was out of breath and still really pissed. My mouth tasted like salt and dirt and I smelled like ammonia or something like that. I decided to go to the DOT(department of transportation) which is housed under the very bridge I got sprayed on. I went inside and complained. It turns out I was not sprayed by a DOT driver but a Sanitaion driver. Which means no recourse. And, I had no truck number. So, defeated and smelly, I continued the trek I began in the first place - to go to my studio and make some art. I got there without being assaulted by another snow plow. Too bad, though. I really wanted to kick some ass.