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Thursday, February 24, 2005

High school Memories

You all may remember the afternoon cartoon called Cops. It was a show that I and Lopez used to make fun of on a daily basis at school many years ago. It was one of my many great memories of High school, along with being pelted with cups of sand by the seniors at lunch time and the stories of the Great Father Kack(sp?) and his way with the teen actresses - teaching them invaluable acting lessons. I still remember the famous Kack Joke:

What do Academy girls and tampons have in common? They're both stuck up cunts.

The man was a genius and a priest who was abusing his position to grope and kiss the school girls in his drama class. I am remembering this right. Right Joe?
And then there was Mr. Mullryan. Accusations were brought fourth years later when he became principal that he molested young boys at school. They eventually got him to resign. When I went to school at Jesuit he was my English teacher. He would say silly shit like,"shut it or I'll drop kick ya!". He had a Boston accent.
He was exotic. I guess that's what drew those southern boys in.

Oh, and Peloquin is apparently still teaching there. "You have twooooo checks, Mr. Collings!"

And lastly, who could forget the daily destruction of the lunch tables and the character "festering pussy" I drew on them?

Anyway, back to COPS. The web site I found dedicated to it has a few episodes for download on it. So, If you don't know what I am talking about, just go there and check it out.

Memories. Life. It all sucks. But, it definitely looks better in the rear view mirror.