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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Captain Eo vs. Pinocchio

It's been in my mind since the whole thing started, that the latest accusations against Michael Jackson and the trial going on now are a huge orchestration by the Jacksons. Since the initial accusations in the early 90's, Jackson's name has been smeared. Not that people didn't find him odd before but there's a long way from odd to child molester. Once he had that stigmata placed upon him, his popularity, music and ad sales, etc. have all sunk. What better way to remove or put doubts around that stigmata then being proved innocent in court?

You've got this family/mother who in the past obviously tried to sue for money when nothing happened. She's a perfect target - if she were somehow paid by Jackson to come forward with this whole story, he would know she would never admit that to anyone. All she wants is money. Like many of us she probably either doesn't want to work or wants to do her own thing - whatever.

And if Jackson can convince her to do it, he knows that guy Sneddon will bite. And that's also in Jackson's favor as he hates that guy from the original allegations in the 90's and would love nothing more then to see him made out to be a complete fool. I really think it's possible this whole thing was created as a way to exonerate MJ. It goes to court and Jackson is proven innocent - the curse is lifted and Jackson begins to slowly regain his popularity. I don't fully believe this, as it seems pretty out there, but at the same time it definitely seems possible to me.

I don't follow the trial much - I've read a handful of newstories and watched a few minutes about it on TV (it is pulling me in more though each day - dammit!), but the drips and drabs I hear of it, makes me believe this more and more. These people accusing him are clearly liars. That seems clear. Does that mean Jackson could not have done it? No. Perhaps even that's why he targeted these particular children - at least if he got caught, he would have a better chance to get away with it as it would be unlikely people would even believe them.

Do you think Jackson will be found guilty? It doesn't matter who's wrong or right.