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Monday, March 07, 2005

The sky is falling!

So, tonight I was on the train - you know, the one with all the heads. I was sitting next to the window on the right side, reading the news on my phone. As we went over the bridge I happened to glance up and look out the window. At first, I could not believe it, but I am sure that I saw one of those green laser beams they've been talking about. I know it's been all about airline pilots and all, but I think they're after the trains now.

It was difficult to tell where the beam of light was coming from as I could only vaguely see a line in the sky, but I am sure it was there. It made me nervous and I thought I should probably cover my eyes or something - I don't want to go blind afterall. Imagine if they hit the conductor? We'd...well, we'd probably come to a rolling stop after a while. I bet we'd sit for a while too thinking it was some kind of train delay or something. Would anyone even know if the conductor was blind? Would he (or she) scream? It's a frightening scenario. Where the hell is Hoover?!