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Friday, April 01, 2005

Back from the first of three Umphrey’s shows. Our first day is coming to a close.
We flew in this afternoon (12:49pm arrival), and went directly to the liquor store. Good prices. Everywhere you look there are gaudy gigantic restaurants.

Back to Jeph and Beckys.
Tenacious D watching.

We leave the comfy confines of the J&B apartment, and head to Dealey plaza. Short 20 minute ride to the downtown area.

Checked out the scene of the assassination of our once great president John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The whole thing seems not quite to the right proportions. It almost feels a little bit to small. Everything is more squeezed together than you might imagine (at least as far as I might imagine). The nice gentlemen in the picture is telling us some history of why Kennedy was shot. He was buying into the Johnson wanted to go into Vietnam hard-core angle. He was also trying to sell us a five dollar newspaper. We gave him a dollar, and he seemed happy.

In the picture...the building is the book depository...imagine it being daytime, and jfk coming at you down that road...then...blamo.

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