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Friday, April 15, 2005

Crazy Fuck

The bus drivers in NY are usually assholes and they are almost always late, but hardly any of them are as crazy as this fuck. I saw this guy approaching the stop, and already I could tell I was in for a weird experience. He was sitting at a light just around the bend , and the sun light was in his eyes(the sun was setting). So, he was holding his hands up to block the sun. A lady walked in front of the bus and must've looked at him. Because he then proceeded to put on a show for her - like the sun was too much for him and that he was apparently melting. When the bus rolled around to pick us up, he opened the door and I stepped in. Immediately he greeted me with a weird voice, clearly put on - not his real speaking voice. It was then that I realized who this crazy fuck was. I had ridden with him once before, a while back. At that time, we were stuck on the bridge waiting for the draw bridge to close. He made annoncements the whole time and even began to sing. Anyway, He got me over the bridge safely. As I was exiting the bus, I took my camera out to snap one of the good fellow. As I took his picture, I said to him,"Something to remember you by." So, he propped himself up and posed - all happy. I was annoyed at first when I realized who this guy was but then thought that it's actually nice that there are people like him out there. Because if that weren't the case, life would be pretty boring. He made my day. And, so, I share that happiness with you. Enjoy!