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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fuck 'em & Comment on the Comments

Fuck Flickr and fuck Comcast. Flickr because their site has been down all night. This is the first time it has been down so I'm giving them a pass. If it happens again though there's no telling what will happen. The bigger fuck is for Comcast whose internet was down for the 3rd night in a row from 8pm - around 11. It's come up sporadically at around 10pm. FUCK THEM! In the many years that I have had broadband, I don't remember having any outage last more than an hour. And never have I had a problem multiple days in a row. Comcast gets no pass (ha!) and I will be contacting them tomorrow (uppercase...HA!) for at least some kind of prorated refund.

Anyway, comment here about any comments on the comments. I think Haloscan is fantastic. I made a few changes though and I think the size is a little different. I now like the template color and I think the size of the text box is just right. I'm not sure if the overall window is too long though. So, tell me any problems you see with it and I will try to fix them.