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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Links galore!

Here are some sites I've stumbled across the past few weeks. Most are for the broadband enabled only, so hang up that phoneline and find a broadband connection you can borrow.

Church of Tetris
In Year of Our Tetris 0, Alexey Pazhitnov created Tetris, and it was good. And did for the next several years people battle over Tetris, and it was bad. In those dark times, the world was all chaos and confusion. And out of that confusion came the Church of Tetris, and it was better. And the years did pass, and many came to worship Tetris. And all knew its glory. And after many years did evil men try to create False Idols and fool the people. But The Church held true and fights for the one, true Tetris.
Plan to lighten pot penalty OK'd at CSU
By a 56 percent majority, Colorado State University students passed a referendum to make university sanctions for marijuana no more severe than sanctions for comparable alcohol violations.

The votes come at a time when both campuses have been dealing with the aftermath of the deaths of two students who died of alcohol poisoning last fall.

I haven't fully explored this site, but it looks kind of interesting.
What is Dedededo? It's an online visual and narrative exploration space, divided into conceptual modules.
Mail Order Chickens

There's some craziness going on here!


Thought the chickens were crazy? Check this place out. I think it's some kind of message board or chat room. I can't really figure out what is going on. Please comment if you know.

Matthew Mahon

Great way to display pictures.


This is an interesting idea. I don't think it will work though because it relies on people. How many people are going to start a trade and then forget to mail out theirs, leaving someone stuck without a DVD. Also, I can see scratches, scratches, scratches...
Welcome to Peerflix! Get more out of your DVD collection... Peerflix makes it easy, safe and fun to trade DVDs. List the DVDs you own and no longer want, add the DVDs you'd like to see, and get ready to trade on!

You own what you receive. That means you can keep them as long as you like or trade them again. There will never be any late fees.

Peerflix will ALWAYS be one of the lowest cost ways to watch DVDs. With Peerflix, you Pay as you go for 99¢ per trade.
Hockey Fight!

You'll have to scroll down to the end of the page and click on the link for hockeyfight-dancloutierrangers.wmv. It's well worth it. Found this one with a Google Hack. Anyone else play around with those?