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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Call and Response.

Since Gravity Boy has begun speculating as to my abduction by aliens, I felt the need to hop on and shoot off a missive that explained my current situation and that of the one known as Mescalito.

It seems that Mescalito, LP Goddess, Cracklin_rosey, and pirateprentice (he's a non-posting member) have had a fine weekend in New Orleans attending Jazzfest. They saw the Benevento/Russo duo on Friday night (from 2 am to 5 am!), Umphrey's McGee on Saturday night (From 2:45 a.m. until past 7 a.m.!) and finally caught a Trey Anastasio show this afternoon/evening. They will be driving back tomorrow, and I’m sure blog posts from all of them shall be forthcoming.

As for myself, I got home from work on Friday around 8:30 p.m., ate leftover pizza and passed out, exhausted from an over-the-top workweek. I slept way late on Saturday, and then went house hunting. It was all very discouraging. I found nothing good, meaning the search continues. Then last night I went out with Luis and Kendra. We had dinner at the fab Samurai Blue, and then wandered Ybor remembering many good times we had there in days past. Fat Tuesdays is gone now, so is Frankie's Patio. It's all changing so fast down there.

We ended up slamming Jagger Bombs at the Irish pub and then meeting up with some of Lou's friends on the roof of Prana. I drank way too much Red Bull and Vodka, and ended up at The Village Inn drunk, sopping up the liquor with a cheese, bacon and sausage-link omelet. The potatoes were all wrong though. Shame.

Today I woke up mildly hung over around noon. Then it was work all day. I wrote the crime blotter, a summer guide piece on my grandfather, edited both the Sarasota and Tampa Happenings List (Don't ask... you don't want to know), and did all my blog research for the piece I still have to write on Tampa Blogs (any suggestions? McGibfried, you'll get a shout out). That is due tomorrow, but I'm never going to get it done tonight. I'm pretty fried.

Oh, and I did call Domina as well, but he never called me back. Gravity Boy, I owe you a call as well. One night this week. I'll try to call. I swear it...

Good night all...