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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Finale — Part II

After yesterdays depressing slog through St. Pete I enter Sunday on a positive note. At the very least I have found a large, clean space for an affordable price in a decent location.

Of course, this is not good enough. I want it all.

It breaks down like this: I keep flashing back on my time in Queens last June, and how much I enjoyed my brief glimpse of real urban living. While I don't expect to match or even come close to that experience in Tampa or St. Pete, I do enjoy St. Pete's downtown, as it shakes with life well into the night. Being just a few blocks from the center of things would be pretty cool.

I have zeroed in on a neighborhood called Old Northeast. For those of you familiar with St. Pete, it's the area East of 4th St. to the Bay, between say 4th Ave. and 25th Ave. give or take (I'm estimating). It's super cute, has a city feel and is still in my price range. It's also about 3 seconds from the highway on-ramp, which would be great in the morning for getting to work.

I'll be checking out apartments there today. Now I must go and hunt. I'll report back later…