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Saturday, May 14, 2005

No...not Crusty....Clusty!!

Have you guys heard of Clusty.com? It's an up and coming search engine. I stumbled on it today and it's got a pretty nice desgin. They've done a great job at replicating Google's look and feel, but have additional features which automatically group the search results to help you find things quicker and also some additional customization features to let you control how some things are displayed.

One of the nicer features is being able to view the webpage from within the search results. If you click on the magnify glass next to each result, it will place a small window under the result which will display the webpage. I think Cluster adds a nice new dimension to searching.
Clusty is the search site owned and operated by Vivísimo that aims to change the way people search online. It uses our award-winning Clustering Engine to organize search results into folders grouping similar items together.

The specially-developed Vivísimo clustering algorithm puts search results together (clusters them) based on textual and linguistic similarity. This raw similarity is augmented with heuristics (i.e., human knowledge) - coded by Vivísimo's programmers and partly invented by them - based on what users wish to see when they examine clustered documents. The clusters are shown to users in the style of folders and sub-folders.